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Technology Consulting – Our Approach

We are a boutique technology consultancy headquartered in North Sydney, Australia. We never intend to be too big that we lose touch with our customers true needs and become just another technology consulting firm trying to sell off-the-rack portfolio of technology solutions. We are particularly strong in gaining a deep understanding of our customer challenges and working with them to formulate and execute an optimal strategy to overcome those challenges and realise business value using technology as an enabler.

We feel the small to medium organisations around the world are undeserved and overcharged for technology consulting services. Making it out of their reach to embrace technology they badly need to run a thriving organisation. On most instances due to these organisations not having the right people to engage with the technology consulting providers they are taken advantage of. As part of our engagement we assist our customer counterparts to uplifting their skills and knowledge so the next time they will only speak to us about a different challenge instead of a similar one we just assisted them with.

Our value proposition encapsulates what customers expect from a mature technology consulting partner. Speed, Quality and Affordability. Watch the video for a quick overview;

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Technology consulting services we offer

Our technology consulting practice focuses on 3 capability streams — Software ServicesTechnology Infrastructure and Delivery Governance. We have done this to ensure our core capability teams are best supported and these centres of excellence (CoE) always look at continuous improvement within the respective practice as well as at an organisation level. Our customer solution teams may include representation from one or more of these capability streams to deliver the most optimal solution in a cost-effective way aligned to customer strategy. For a complete peace of mind we could provide a Technology as a Service where we take care of all your technology responsibilities.

technology consulting - software services

Software Services

Our software consulting team with decades of experience is capable of building applications using best in class technologies and frameworks. Instead of carrying an in-house development team it would be prudent to outsource these types of specialist activities to your technology consulting partners such as DigiConsult who’s able to deliver the expected outcomes at a fraction of the cost. Since we adopt agile delivery techniques we are able to support aggressive time-to-market product strategies.

Some organisations operate legacy systems on which their entire business or a vital part of it is run on daily. These systems often need specialist outdated skills and experience to maintain. Organisations find it challenging to recruit and retain the right people to manage them on an ongoing basis due to the global technology workforce adoption of new technologies and their propensity to “move on” from these old development tools and frameworks. DigiConsult can work with such organisations to put in place a road-map to plot a course towards modernisation of these application capabilities.

No one system can fuel an organisation to run its operations and to execute corporate strategy. As a result, organisations adopted various specialist systems to run parts of its business. Due to this the organisations are left with a challenge to work out how they make sense of the information they collect through these various distributed systems. The answer is integration. By integrating these systems in an intelligent way organisations are able to increase the productivity of their workforce, gain timely access to actionable insights which cuts across all areas of the organisation.

Our team of business insight experts can deliver solutions using many of the available technologies to make sense of all the data created within your organisation, data related to your organisation but sits outside of your purview, competitor data, new industry trends and other vital information in a suitable manner where your senior executives and staff can use these business insights to make sound and timely decisions.

We are great at the following;

Website & E-Commerce Development
Mobile & Wearable Development
Enterprise Application Development (SaaS/Desktop/Mobile/Wearable)
Enterprise Application Integration & Automation
Software Managed Services
Data Warehousing & Mining
Business Intelligence & Analytics

technology consulting - technology infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure

We provide comprehensive cloud solutions from provisioning, consolidation, migration to maintenance and upgrades on AWS, Azure & Google cloud platforms. We also would be happy to offer DigiConsult Cloud for customers requiring a comprehensive cloud solution with 24 X 7 support and administration.

We also provide a range of cyber security threat responses and counter measures inline with the DigiConsult Cyber Threat Management Blueprint and other established cyber security frameworks.​

Data, voice and video network solutions from provisioning, migration, de-commissioning to compliance can be provided. These would include design and rollout of routing, switching, firewall, VPN, WiFi, access control, monitoring, partner connectivity, enterprise mobility devices and branch office connectivity solutions. Customers who wish to migrate from their existing network infrastructure to a new, sunset their legacy networks and ensure your networks are compliant with industry standard requirements such as ISO 27001, SOX and PCI-DSS also can rely on us to deliver optimal outcomes.

Our team is able to install & configure hardware devices, operating systems, application servers, database servers, enterprise storage systems, and collaborative tools required to run your business effectively. This includes user provisioning and connectivity with the end user PCs, laptops and mobile devices. As required the team can undertake systems upgrades, patching and automation requests with limited to no interruptions to daily business operations.

We are great at the following;

Cloud Services (Hosting/Migration/Maintenance)
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Cyber Security (Strategy/Assessment/Defence/Forensics/SOC as a Service)
Networks (Rollout/Migration/Maintenance/Compliance/NOC as a Service)
Hardware / OS (Setup/Maintenance/Decommissioning)

technology consulting - delivery governance

Delivery Governance

Our delivery governance team working in close collaboration with the internal SMEs and customer stakeholders would ensure the successful deployment of Software and Technology Infrastructure consulting services on-time and to budget. While we employ industry best practice methodologies and frameworks to guarantee optimal quality outcomes, we have kept the customer engagement process simple to avoid confusion.

We can work with you to successfully implement enterprise systems from business case development through to post Go Live support.

We are able to reinvigorate or scratch build your internal delivery governance frameworks. And work with your senior leadership team to develop a resilient Project Portfolio Management framework designed to take advantage of investment opportunities,  ensure strategic alignment and guarantee resource optimisation.

Digital strategy & road-map development and strategic advisory services can be provided to optimise the use of technology and available digital assets in realising organisation strategy.​ We can develop or fine-tuning digital service delivery mechanisms and to put in place corrective and preventive measures to counter process, tools and people challenges.

We are able to provide staff capable of undertaking our complete suite of technology consulting services on projects or ongoing business-as-usual tasks as an extension of your team. For smaller organisations we are happy to undertake technology related activities from both projects and BAU perspective and function as a dedicated customer team. We are able to tailor these arrangements to suit the customer need and budget.

Software and Infrastructure Service Delivery
Staff Augmentation (Onsite/Offshore/Hybrid)
Enterprise Systems Rollout – ERP, CRM, Student Learning Systems (K-12/Uni/Corporate), HCM, ITSM, FMS, Productivity Tools, Telco & Mobile and PPM
Setup Project, Program & Portfolio Management Offices
Delivery Maturity Assessments & Project Rescue
Design & Implement Digital Strategy / Roadmap
Technology Advisory

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