Our Value Proposition

We SOLVE our customer’s business challenges using technology as an enabler. Our value proposition is as follows;

 We “follow the sun” as our team is dispersed across four international time zones, we can get more done in a single day which helps us meet aggressive timelines.

Our certified engaged team of experts employing appropriate process frameworks, tools and techniques will ensure an optimal quality deliverable or outcome is delivered to our customers consistently.

We can provide highly competitive pricing for our technology consulting services via an onshore / offshore resource deployment mix.

We are technology neutral. Our focus is to help customers solve their business problems and enhance business value. With that goal in mind we would pick the most optimal technology from what’s available to fix the problem.

We are there for the “full play”. Our relationship with our customers continues post solution delivery with periodic catch-ups and “health checks” of the solutions we had provided, as we genuinely care about our customer’s continuous success.

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