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Technologies gaining traction due to the surge in remote working

Technologies (old and new) are helping the large shift to remote working. Large numbers of staff had been forced to work from home, consequence of the current pandemic (covid-19). Some employers with flexible work arrangements offered to their staff prior to lockdown with a few tweaks was better prepared to embrace the new normal. Others are still struggling to cope with the notion and the rollout of suitable framework to run an efficient organisation remotely. In every pandemic or catastrophe we tend to focus too much on the negatives. One great positive is indeed to enable your staff to work remotely. There’s a bit of getting used to at first but once you get the hang of it there are massive benefits to both the employer and employees.

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Think of the operational cost reduction this offers to employers and work flexibility offered to employees. There’s of course instances where your staff would need to be onsite (at office or other location). Just identify them and lock in a hybrid location model that works for your organisation and team. Gone are the days your customers are impressed by how big and tall your office building is and where it’s located. What matters to any customer is you delivering a financially feasible, high quality outcome or value on time. To run a successful hybrid location model aligned to your corporate strategy amongst other things requires technologies and associated frameworks in place. We have seen the following technologies gaining traction since the outbreak;

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) aka “sassy”

SASE is an emerging network security architecture that Gartner described in their August 2019 report – “The future of network security is in the cloud”. Put it simply this lets users access enterprise systems (ERP/CRM/Sales & Marketing Tools/FMS/Productivity & Telephony tools…etc.) regardless of where they are hosted (on-premise, private or public cloud), from anywhere (office, on the road, at home or overseas), anytime (24 X 7), using any device (mobile or laptop/desktop) securely and faster via Identity based, unified authentication framework in the cloud. The key benefits are as follows;

Benefits for Users: Reduce the complexity and time when accessing different enterprise systems hosted via a variety of different infrastructure platforms and networks through a single set of credentials and point of entry with increased latency.
Benefits for Administrators: Seamless and central management of enterprise security across the whole enterprise digital landscape. Enforcement of enterprise security policies and compliance becomes less time consuming.
Benefits for Employers: Reduction of IT Opex. Engaged and productive staff (users/administrators).

Remote Productivity Monitoring Technologies

Especially now with majority (all, in some organisations) of staff working remotely, employers are searching for innovative ways to retain the productivity levels required to run an efficient operation as well as secure enterprise digital assets from insider malicious behaviour. So how can an employer ensure that the remote staff are putting in productive time and not engaged in irrelevant time wasting activities throughout the workday and the security of the enterprise digital assets from accidental or malicious acts? The answer is via a new breed of productivity monitoring tools. It’s highly recommended that you as an employer make your staff and other third-parties requiring access to your systems made aware before implementation of these productivity monitoring tools. The key benefits are as follows;

Benefits for Employers: Ensure staff productivity and security of enterprise digital assets from insider accidental or malicious behaviour. These systems also can be used in compliance enforcement and organisational risk management with regards to the use of the enterprise digital assets and behaviour of users who access them from employee to other third-parties.
Benefits for Administrators: Provide a range of features to help manage user behaviour with a focus of ensuring employee productivity, prevent insider (employees/privileged users/third-parties) accidental or malicious damage to enterprise digital assets via a centralised management interface. Also this helps collect, analyse and present comprehensive evidence of an accidental or malicious event and enforce organisational compliance requirements and expectations.
Benefits for Users: Clear proof of user commitment and contribution towards organisational productivity and compliance goals is recorded which can be used in the users favour especially during performance discussions.

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