We possess extensive knowledge delivering technology solutions within the education and nonprofit sectors always ensuring strategic alignment, realisation of business benefits and creation of value for our customers. While our strength lies within these industries, our capabilities are transferable across other sectors as well. So do not hesitate to talk to us even if your industry is not within our immediate focus.

Sectors we serve best



Engagement of the student, teacher, parent and the education administrator is vital to run and retain a world-class education system within our schools and universities. Our consultants possess extensive knowledge working in close collaboration with schools and universities on initiatives aimed at enhancing engagement of the key stakeholder groups and providing gratifying learning and teaching experiences. We are able to provide comprehensive solutions utilising our capability streams to address the challenges faced within the education ecosystem.

Non profit

Non profit organisations vary in size and focus. Regardless of whether it’s a charity, sporting club, community service organisation, professional association or social society they all have some common challenges. These range from timely service fulfilment to it’s members and beneficiaries, engagement and retention of donors and members, attracting the right staff to optimise the use of resources at its disposal and continually explore ways to run a viable organisation without being an overburden to it’s donors. With our extensive expertise in this sector, we are geared to finding novel solutions to these common issues and many other unique challenges present at these organisations.

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