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Free Website Vulnerability Assessments

Website vulnerability assessments carried out periodically and issues addressed promptly would save you a lot of time and unnecessary spending especially during these unprecedented times where your web presence is evermore important to get your messages out to your audience. Ensuring the safety and reliability of the digital front office / marketplace of the business is vital to safeguard the digital assets and unforeseen disruptions to business operations from cyber criminal profiteers. We are happy to step up with pro-bono cyber security consulting to assist our customers to be prepared with good knowledge of where the vulnerabilities exist so that they can put in place the required measures to address them in a timely manner.

We are extending the website vulnerability assessments

As a way to contribute towards our customers continued success during these challenging times we have allocated a block of free cyber security consulting hours to be spent on corporate website vulnerability assessment for our customers where we would share a report of our findings. This could be extended to others within the broader business community depending on the demand against the allocated block of free hours. So even if you or your company had not worked with us before, do not hesitate to reach-out via cybersecurity@digiconsult.com.au

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