DigiConsult - unique brand of technology consulting

DigiConsult – Unique brand of technology consulting

My experience working for and with technology consulting companies regardless of the industry domain I was in at the time highlighted a fundamental flaw. Technology consulting companies are quick to unload its solution portfolio on customers not fully understanding the length and breath of the business problem the customer is trying to solve and establishing what success looks like working closely with the customer. The end result being rolling out technology solutions in a hurry that may not fully address the original core business challenge and assist the customer in realising the desired return on investment. In my view this approach to technology consulting is unacceptable.

Organisations are presented with business challenges which needs a response targeted at solving those with or without the use of technology enablers. As a responsible technology consulting partner it’s vital to let your customers know when you can help, to what extent and when you can’t. As business challenges almost all the time requires a collective carefully orchestrated response where technology might be a part of the recipe but not the only ingredient. To reach the desired future state, the customer also has a role to play – that would be to trust and share as much information as possible with the technology consulting partner. My experience over the years and my confidence that we (DigiConsult) can bring sanity to this chaos led me to launch my own brand of technology consulting with an awesome team of like-minded experienced professionals where solving customer business problems and providing relevant, targeted, tailored solutions via the creative use of technology enablers is paramount and what we stands for.

What do we do differently?

solutions to real life business problems

Our brand of consulting starts from understanding the customer’s business problem intimately and establishing the desired future state and key outcomes the customer expects to achieve as a result of the imminent investment working in close collaboration with the customer stakeholders and any third-parties involved in formulating and executing the collective response. Once the overall blueprint is understood and our role is established we would provide tailored solution options for discussion with the customer and other parties involved. Once the desired solution option is locked-in we commence execution. We would also establish a governance framework with the wider group to track progress and provide corrective measures as and when required through to the successful delivery of the comprehensive business response. The delivery governance framework put in place would also includes benefits/outcome tracking to ensure that the customer get’s full value of their investment. In other words we stay for the “full play” and won’t vanish post the implementation of our responsibilities.

Our goal is nothing short of 100% customer retention, and we are aware that this requires additional contribution from our side as a technology consulting partner.

What are we great at?

Our expertise lies within three core capabilities – Software Service, Technology Infrastructure & Delivery Governance. Please click on the relevant area of expertise to explore further…

Our Industry Focus

Our team

our team

I am blessed to be working alongside a team of like-minded professionals who values solving real life business challenges and adding value to our customer organisations in the most cost-effective way. We are geographically dispersed over five international boundaries but united against this common theme. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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