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Technologies gaining traction due to the surge in remote working

Large numbers of staff had been forced to work from home, consequence of the current pandemic (covid-19). Some employers with flexible work arrangements offered to their staff prior to lockdown with a few tweaks was better prepared to embrace the new normal. Others are still struggling to cope with the notion and the rollout of suitable framework to run an efficient organisation remotely. In every pandemic or catastrophe we tend to focus too much on the negatives. One great positive is indeed to enable your staff to work remotely. There’s a bit of getting used to at first but once you get the hang of it there are massive benefits to both the employer and employees. Think of the operational cost reduction this offers to employers and work flexibility offered to employees. There would be instances where your staff would need to be colocated (team meetings / celebrations) or meetings with your customers and third-parties. Just identify them and lock in a hybrid location model that works for your organisation and team. Gone are the days your customers are impressed by how big and tall your office building is. What matters to any customer is you delivering a financially feasible, high quality outcome or value on time. To run a successful hybrid location model aligned to your corporate strategy amongst other things requires technology and associated frameworks in place. Following is some technologies we have seen gaining traction since the outbreak;

cyber threat management

Cyber Threat Management Blueprint

More than ever before we are relying on digital services to help us with vital activities in our daily lives at home , on the road and workplace. Uptake and consumption of digital services are continuously increasing across the global. Public and private sector organisations hosting and serving these essential digital services to it’s staff, customers, partners and the wider populous have been presented with increasing cyber security threats of varying types and complexity. To successfully thwart these challenges organisations must have cyber security capability in-house or contract specialist third-parties to formulate and execute a comprehensive cyber security strategy aligned to organisational goals and objectives. We use a tailored version of our Cyber Threat Management Blueprint guided by the *cyber kill chain framework as a key component of the overall response strategy put together to safeguard and defend our customer digital assets and discover threats.

digiconsult wifi 6

WiFi 6: Future proof your enterprise with faster WiFi

We live in a world of high information creation and consumption whether it’s at home, on the road or at office. This ever-increasing information transmission back and forth between end users and networks puts great pressure on technology infrastructure that supports it. Even at office it’s very rare that a user actually connect their computer or other device to a network using a cable with a default expectation of connecting via WiFi. Hence the heavy reliance on WiFi to provide a resilient, secure, high performance network connectivity. Since 1997 WiFi had gone through phases of transformation with a key focus of enhanced performance to cater to users demanding throughput and speed. The latest iteration of this transformation give us the new 6th generation standard in WiFi technology – WiFi 6 also known as “AX WiFi” or “802.11ax WiFi”. With an increasing uptake since it’s launch late last year (2019), WiFi 6 is expected to be the dominant WiFi standard across the globe by 2021.

digiconsult cyber security offer

Free Website Vulnerability Assessments

As a way to contribute towards our customers continued success during these challenging times we have allocated a block of free cyber security consulting hours to be spent on corporate website vulnerability assessment for our customers where we would share a report of our findings. This could be extended to others within the broader business community depending on the demand against the allocated block of free hours. So even if you or your company had not worked with us before, do not hesitate to reach-out via

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