nonprofits survive and grow

Strategies for nonprofits to survive and grow

The economic downturn largely driven by the current pandemic (covid-19) is making it even more difficult for nonprofits to stay afloat. More than ever before these organisations are forced to explore novel ways to protect the interests of its customers, members, beneficiaries , donors and staff. The immediate need is to formulate strategies to avoid the contraction of operations and to stay aligned with the organisations original vision. That being said, this could also be a great time to seriously challenge the vision and see if it is still relevant especially in a post covid-19 world. There could also be opportunities for growth if the current situation can be carefully scrutinised. Sometimes it takes a pandemic or a catastrophic event to change the way we think. So leave no stone unturned in your quest to survive and grow during these challenging times. In our view, if we focus on the following key outcomes we would be in a far better place not only to survive but also to grow;